Agri Pipes & Fittings

Ashirvad Pipes manufactures "Lead Free" uPVC Agri Solvent weld system which is an ideal solution for agricultural water supply. Agri pipes are manufactured as per ID 4985 : 2000 standard and are available from size 40 mm to 315 mm in different pressure classes. Fittings are available from size 40 mm to 110 mm.

Lead Free

Ashirvad Agri is a lead free system making it an ideal and safe system for potable water distribution. It conformes to the latest standards for pipes meant for drinking water supply and is preferred worldwide.

Freedom from Toxicity, Odours, Tastes

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings are non-toxic, odourless and tasteless.

Cost Effective

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings are light in weight. They save on material as well as installation costs.

HDPE Pipes

  • - Manufactured from 100% virgin raw material.
  • - Outstanding flexibility and crush resistance.
  • - Excellent SCGR (Slow Crack Growth resistance) Properties.
  • - Superior hydrostatic strength and durability for long life.
  • - Lightweight and highly flexible for faster & easier installations
  • - Excellent chemical resistance
  • - Fusion welded joining provides leak-free monolithic pipe systems
  • - Anti-microbial properties reduces bacterial growth
  • - Excellent flow characteristics