Waste Water – Low Noise Systems

Wavin AS+

Wavin AS+ Silent Drainage Pipe

Low-noise is the segment within the soil & waste market that is growing fastest, mainly due to increased demand for living comfort by end-customers. Our noise control expertise has grown over more than 30 years: After all, we invented the first plastic drinking water pipe and the first plastic sound insulation pipe in the wastewater sector. Even today, Wavin is considered an innovator in drinking water installations, heating, storm water and wastewater piping and building drainage. Architects, planners and installers can reliably control the noise of their sanitary systems with our noise system solutions

Wavin AS+ is a mineral- reinforced polypropylene (PP) high- segment low-noise soil and waste pipe solution. Optimal sound reduction is guaranteed due to the high density of material. Optimised three-layer pipe structure for low noise levels and push-fit connections with a pre-lubricated elastomer seal (EPDM) for quick, easy, and reliable installation.